I will make 3 stunning facebook video ads in under 24 hours

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My work philosophy: “Your rewards in life are in direct proportion to your service.”

3. Seconds.

For today’s distracted person, your video ad must engage the viewer in less than 3 seconds.

Otherwise, they’re like a bottle of champagne on New Year’s. GONE.

My editing uses the perfect scroll stoppers to LATCH ON.

Then, you need the right copy/content/call-to-action that shatters their defense shields and gains their trust, leading them to BUY.

2 years of dropshipping experience and making over $150k sales while testing over a hundred products has taught me that every second must be carefully crafted to flow and guide the reader without losing them, like a perfect run in Super Mario.

If they hit one poorly chosen caption or one little brown Goomba, it’s over. They’re already scrolling down to that meme below your video.

So, let’s avoid all Goombas.

Now, people focus on YOU.

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