I will dramatically increase your shopify store website speed

Studies suggest that most users are not going to wait more than 3 seconds for your Shopify website to load. They are gonna click on that back button and move on to the next result in google to make their purchase. It’s silly to loose these potential customers and sales specially when it’s avoidable with a quick fix. Get your Shopify store faster with my trusted Shopify speed up optimizations.

How will I make Shopify Website Faster :

  • Minify HTML, CSS & JS Files
  • Defer and async Javascript & CSS delivery
  • App analysis & old app code removal
  • Compression of the page code 
  • Optimization of Images & lazy loading setup
  • Dynamic scaling of Images

A Speed Up Shopify Store Offers:

  1. A faster user experience
  2. Better Google rankings
  3. Decreases bounce rates
  4. Increase in sales volume

It’s a dangerous gamble to give your website to inexperienced developers who may break your site. I have ton of experience in making shopify stores faster and increasing shopify website speed without trade-off.

Contact me to know how I’ll increase your Shopify website speed & Google PageSpeed Index Score.