I will do a professional animation from your characters or backgrounds

I will use techniques to animate your image/poster adding effects like smoke, particles, lens flare, zoom in/out or fluids like fire, rain, wind, etc.

This gig is excellent to publish your videos in the social media networks to promote your project giving a much more striking look than a simple still image.

    Recommended images to animate:

  • Fantasy arts, characters, Landscapes, etc.
  • Poster images. (games, movies)
  • Products images.

    Extras available:

  • $5 – Add +4 Secs to the animation
  • $5 – Background Music (you need provide the music)
  • $10 – Extra character to animate
  • $15 – Separation process (Separate the image in layers)
  • $15 – 60 Fps
  • $20 – Commercial Use
  • $20 – 4k Resolution (3840×2160)
  • $35 – Source file (you will need some plugins to open appropriately the file)

      IMPORTANT NOTES:      

  • PLEASE contact with me before ordening to check your image (not all images are good to animate in this style). 
  • If your image has more than 3 Characters/Heroes/Creatures/etc we need to add $10 for every extra character
  • NO motion graphic